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Jack LaLanne is a great role model.  He swam and lifted weights daily until age 96, when he passed.  Barring unforeseen catastrophe, I plan on exercising nearly every day for the rest of my life, and you should too.

Do you need a workout partner to keep you on the hook?  Get one, and motivate each other.

Do you need a gym membership and a personal trainer to keep you on track?  Get them.

If you live in a colder climate which makes it challenging to exercise outside during the winter, have some indoor options available.  Join a walking club at a local mall or a gym that has cardiovascular and weight/resistance equipment.  You can also exercise at home with DVDs and cable TV shows.  Home exercise does not need to be solitary.  Create an exercise club; invite friends to your home to exercise with you, and then visit them to do the same.

Exercising for life doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same exercise for your whole life.  Vary your routine to keep yourself interested.   As you age, you may need to modify your exercise both in the types and intensity of the exercises selected.  That’s what Jack did.  I have modified my exercise programs through the years, and I am satisfied with the modifications because they will help me reach my goal of exercising for life.

To make lifelong exercise possible, you must maintain your spine.  Add a chiropractor to your health care team for wellness and maintenance chiropractic spinal care.  Chiropractic adjustments and treatments are important for posture and overall health, and excellent for your children’s health, too.

All of my patients receive daily spine exercises to help keep their spine healthy.  You can see the exercises here:

For more great tips on preventing spinal injury to ensure many years of successful exercising, check out my book “Happy Back”.  You can purchase Happy Back on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thank you Jack LaLanne for being a great role model.  You showed us how vital and vibrant we can be well into our 90’s by simply making daily exercise a habit.  And, by the way, Jack LaLanne was a chiropractor.