A beautiful classic car pulled up outside my office recently, and it was obvious the car was well cared for with passion.  The owner came out and I quickly assessed the same careful maintenance was not applied to his health.  He was very overweight and struggling to move around as he tinkered under the hood.  Imagine how wonderful it would be if people would care for their health with the same priority and focus as a car.

Do you maintain your car with wellness visits to your mechanic?

Every day you brush and floss your teeth (or at least you know you should).  Your daily exercise program for your teeth will probably continue for the rest of your life, without much thought, because you accept it as an important wellness and prevention strategy.  Even with this consistent follow-through, your teeth have to be professionally scraped every 6 months.  Imagine if you decided to stop brushing and flossing for 6 months.  What would your dentist and hygienist find on your next visit?

In spite of your daily teeth exercise program, you will probably lose them.  That’s okay, you can always get new teeth.

Many people stop going to their chiropractor, and stop doing their daily spine exercises, after they feel well again.  Does this sound familiar?

When you decided to brush your teeth today, did your teeth hurt?  Probably not. You brushed anyway, knowing daily teeth exercise is a great wellness and prevention strategy.

The last time you had the oil changed in your car, did your car hurt?  Probably not.  You had it serviced anyway, knowing it helps your car stay well as it ages, and helps prevent inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs.

My suggestion is to apply your philosophy of teeth and car care to your spine by doing the following:

1. Continue with wellness visits to your chiropractor, especially when you feel good.  Once a month works well for most people.  Some people need more, some less.  Monthly wellness adjustments help keep your spine in good shape as you age.  Adjustments stimulate your brain, and may help strengthen your immune system.  (Ironically, wellness adjustments are never covered by insurance.  That’s why we call it medical insurance, not health insurance.)

2. Continue with your daily spine exercises.  For a review, watch my video here.  Remember, do these exercises casually and in your pain-free zone.

3. Continue with good posture and ergonomic habits.  Helpful tips are available on my videos here, here, and here.

These strategies will help you avoid another crisis.  You remember…when you had crippling back pain just before going on vacation; when your neck locked up and driving was unsafe because you could not turn to see; when you had a bad cold which never seemed to go away.

What about your children?  Do you want to wait until they end up like you before they start chiropractic care?  One reason I am a chiropractor is because back in the 70’s, my parent’s chiropractor asked, “Why leave your kids at home to suffer the same fate as you?”  We have had wonderful success working with kids who have ear infections, asthma, colic, migraines, ADD and ADHD.  Read stuff here, here, and here.  We would be happy to check your children.

Remember, you only have one spine, and if it wears out, you can’t get a new one. Take very good care of it.