Starting on Monday, February 3rd, I encourage you to exercise every day for 100 days.  Also, do the Fuller Five spine stretches every morning and evening during the 100 days.  (Review the spine stretches here, and two extra stretches here.)  These simple activities will help you improve the health of your spine and body, and maybe lose some weight along the way.

***DO NOT start exercising until you talk to, and get clearance from, your medical physician!***

If you are not exercising now, and if you are unfit, start slowly, maybe only 5 minutes a day; suggestions below.

If you are exercising, but not daily, the program is nudging you to increase your frequency.  For instance, if you exercise 3 times a week for an hour, try exercising 15-20 minutes a day on your off days.

The 100 Days to a Healthier You program incorporates 3 Pillars of Wellness:

1. Exercise-15-20 minutes a day (less if you are unfit, more if you want)

2. Nutrition-simple changes you can make now and forever (more to come in the weeks ahead)

3. Chiropractic-improve and maintain your spine and nervous system with Chiropractic adjustments and exercises.


Why should you care?  Why 100 days of exercise?  Your reasons may include:

Live longer

Improve your Quality of Life

Significantly decrease disease risk (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s dementia, etc.)

Save money (the number one reason for bankruptcy in the US is medical bills)

Personal satisfaction of being in control of your health, fitness, and body


1. Take a log sheet from our office (or make your own) and start recording Monday February 3rd.  I can e-mail one to you.

2. Exercise every day (aim for 15-20 minutes).  Place a check mark on your log sheet for each day you exercise.

3. Do your Fuller Five spine stretches twice a day.  Place a second check mark on your log sheet each day you do them. 

4. Eat better things (and fewer bad things).  Simple suggestions coming soon.

5. Watch the video “100 days to a healthier you” on my youtube page here (video will be up in a week).

6. Continue with your wellness Chiropractic adjustments to keep your spine and nervous system in top form.


If you complete all 100 days and turn in your log sheet, you earn a chance to win a grand prize!

Refer a new patient to Fuller Chiropractic and get TWO CHANCES to win a grand prize!


***coupons for Chiropractic care***

***Heart Rate Monitors and books from HeartZones.com***

***month membership to The Dojo in Billerica (BillericaDojo.com)***

***Initial Evaluation with a Personal Trainer***      

 (Drawings in May.)

Exercise Help 

If you are unfit, start with 5 minutes/day and slowly build up to 15-20 minutes/day.  Walking may be your exercise of choice and is a good start.  Later you will benefit from workout diversification, including resistance/weight exercises.   Choose something which gets your heart rate up.  Don’t have time?  When watching TV, try walking/marching in place, and/or do calisthenics  on commercial breaks.

Ride a bike, walk on a treadmill, use an elliptical or stair machine for 15-20 minutes.  Try a new fitness class (and start casually).

Be prepared with bad weather options!  Try home DVD workouts (check your library or purchase), and check your cable TV for programs.  Walk at a mall (and don’t forget the stairs).  Do you have stairs at home?  Do stair repeats.  Traveling?  Go up and down stairs in a hotel.  Get a gym membership and work with a personal trainer.

Daily household activities are not “exercise.”  You need heart pumping and heart healthy activity-workouts which get your heart rate up.  If you are new to exercise, get help so you don’t injure yourself.  Keep me posted on your success!