Tomorrow, March 24, marks day 50, the halfway point of the 100 Days to a Healthier You program.  Have you been exercising every day for 20 minutes?  Are you doing the Fuller Five spine stretches every morning and night?  Are you coupling your exercise with cleaner eating?

Considering 100 days together may seem like a huge task.

If 2000 stones are delivered to your house to build a wall, it may seem like a huge task.  You can’t build it in one day.  How do you start?  One stone at a time.  How about installing 20 stones a day, one minute per stone?  You can do that.  In 100 days, you have a gorgeous stone wall.

If you break exercise down to the daily assignment, exercising today for 20 minutes, you realize “I can do that.”  So, do that.  Don’t worry about 100 days, just exercise today.  Use your checklist, and when you exercise today, put a check on your checklist.  Then do the same tomorrow.

The other part of your assignment is to do the Fuller Five spine stretches twice a day, and when completed, put another check on your list.  The Fuller Five only take a minute and a half, the time it takes to brush your teeth.  You can do that.  So, do that.  Then do the same tomorrow.

See?  All of a sudden, before your eyes, you built a stone wall.  Or, in the case of exercise, formed powerful health habits.

100 days of exercise is easy, if you break it down to 20 minutes of exercise today, and repeat tomorrow.  If you did not start the 100 of exercise, no worries.  Start your own 100 days today.