• Number one cause of these disorders: POOR DIET, not genetics.  There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.  Deficiency in long chain omega-3 fats EPA and DHA that only come from fish.  References: Read these books DISCONNEDTED KIDS by Robert Melillo, THE CRAZY MAKERS by Carol Simontacchi and THE LCP SOLUTION by B. Jacqueline Stordy, Ph.D., among others.
• Number two cause: EXERCISE has been replaced with TECHNOLOGY (TV, Computer games, X-Box, cell phones).  The brain (especially the frontal lobe) grows from cerebellum stimulation, which in turn develops from moving muscles and joints.  Simply put, if you move your body, you stimulate the brain.  Muscles and joints are loaded with nerve endings (mechanoreceptors) that “power” nerve cells in the cerebellum and cortex (brain), creating complex connections (synapses).  Brain dysfunction increases with TV and computer time.  American Academy of Pediatrics recommends NO TELEVISION TIME IS SAFE before age 2.  So is TV suddenly safe after a child’s second birthday?  I recommend limiting TV as long as you possibly can as your children grow.  Read the books ENDANGERED MINDS and FAILURE TO CONNECT by Jane Healy.
• The dysfunctions/diagnoses listed at the top of this page are all similar, having similar causes and solutions.  I focus on improving the health of the brain without drugs.  * Suggested reading: Disconnected Kids, and other books, by Dr. Robert Melillo, available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.  This book offers parents an at-home plan to help your children improve their brain function.  Also: NEUROBEHAVIORAL DISORDERS OF CHILDHOOD by Robert Melillo and Gerry Leisman (a difficult graduate level text).


• Purchase a copy of my DVD “Learning and Behavior Disorders-Causes and Conservative Solutions.”  This DVD provides a comprehensive program on how to improve the function of your children’s brain (and the brains of adults).  Most of this program can be done at home.  For the best effect, utilize the DVD program along with an evaluation with Dr. Fuller.
• Improve the fuel and building blocks for the brain.  A healthy diet should be built around lots of vegetables, fruit, and WHOLE grains, as much a variety as possible.
• ELIMINATE ALL PROCESSED FOOD, as best you can.  Processed foods often contain trans-fats and hydrogenated fats, which are the most dangerous fats for your brain and body.  These fats also upset the omega 6: omega 3 ratio of fats, which should ultimately be 1:1 to 4:1 (schizophrenics have been shown to be 45:1).  Processed foods often contain excitotoxins, which are food additives similar to MSG.  MSG is in everything, and is camouflaged as “natural flavors, isolated soy and vegetable protein, hydrolyzed soy and vegetable protein, glutamate, aspartame, and spices,” among others.  Processed foods often contain artificial color and flavor, which may cause behavior and development issues.  Packaged foods often contain processed grains and sugars, leading to insulin control problems, weight issues, and behavior and concentration problems.  References: EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE THAT KILLS by Russell Blaylock; THE TRANS FAT SOLUTION by Kim Severson; TRANS FATS-THE HIDDEN KILLER IN OUR FOOD by Judith Shaw, M.A.  Eliminate all processed foods, INCLUDING SODA.  Use Feingold.org and RussellBlaylockMD.com for more information.
• Take a FISH OIL SUPPLEMENT.  Fish oil supplements are not all the same.  I recommend taking oil instead of a gelcap, and make sure the oil mentions molecular distillation and/or pharmaceutical grade and guarantees non-detectable traces of mercury, PCB’s, and other heavy metals.  If a label does not mention these things, don’t buy it.  For fish oil products, try carlsonlabs.com, nordicnaturals.com, and nutri-west.com.  (Nutri-west only available through doctor offices.)  For additional fish oil information, try mercola.com.
• Reduce red meat, poultry, dairy products (especially milk), and most fish and seafood.  Many kids benefit from a dairy-free, gluten-free diet.  All fish are contaminated, so frequent fish consumption may be hazardous to your health, in my opinion.  Never consume farmed fish.  Only eat wild-caught salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, and anchovies.  Scallops are the best shellfish choice.  I advise avoiding tuna, swordfish, and other larger fish; the larger the fish, the more contamination with mercury and other substances.  Reference: THE MEAT YOU EAT by Ken Midkiff, and read about safer fish here:  http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/protect.asp


The spine contains the highest concentration of motion-sensitive nerve endings, therefore the health, motion, and biomechanical alignment of the spine is critical for brain growth and development.  Chiropractic treatment stimulates these important joint and muscle mechanoreceptors, which stimulates cerebellum and brain development.  www.drscottfuller.com and my youtube page for more information.


Any exercise is great, and exercises that are heavily reliant on coordination are wonderful for the brain, such as swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, track, playing piano, etc.  Exercise should replace video games, TV, and computer time as much as possible.  Try negotiating video time with your child; for example, they earn video and computer time only after they exercise.


In my experience, most children with these issues have a weak right brain, and most are boys; an evaluation should be performed before unilateral exercises begin, as some people have a left brain dysfunction.  Specific coordination and cerebellar exercises are performed on the left side of the body to strengthen the right brain, and on the right side of the body for the left brain.  Exercises include balance, catch/throw/bounce, large exercise ball coordination, wobble boards, and hand pedaling, among many others.  Exercises are done daily at home.  Many exercises are simple, but fun for kids to do.  Exercises should begin only after a child has been evaluated, and the side of brain weakness established.

• Consider Dr. Fuller’s rehabilitation program for your child.  My program utilizes physical rehabilitation and exercises described above, chiropractic care, nutrition improvements, fish oil and antioxidant supplements.  Please call or come to one of our free health classes for more detailed information, and to get your questions answered.  This program exists to provide a healthy, effective alternative to drugs.