If you were in an accident and have severe spinal pain, sharp arm and leg complaints, weakness, severe headache or any concussion symptoms, you should be checked out immediately at an emergency room.

If your symptoms are not severe, you may wait to see your chiropractor. A full chiropractic evaluation after an accident, even after a “minor” one, is important to be sure that you will not have any lingering spine or nerve problems. When a 2 ton car hits a 2 ton car, a lot of force is absorbed by your spine and body.

Important note:
Massachusetts is a no-fault state. This means when you are in an accident, and you are injured, healthcare bills are initially processed by your car insurance, even if the accident is not your fault. Don’t worry, healthcare bills do not affect your insurance premium.

Please complete the following steps to handle claims:

1. Call your car insurance company, let them know you were injured, and tell them you will be seeing your chiropractor. This call will open a claim. Document all calls with names, dates, and times.

2. Make an appointment with your chiropractor immediately.

3. Please bring to the visit your car insurance “coverage selections page.” This is the one sheet document sent to you each year which details your policy coverage.

4. If you have received any documentation from your car insurance company, please bring to your visit. If you have a copy of a police report, also bring it.

5. If your car insurance mails you a “Personal Injury Protection” form, please fill it out immediately and send it back. They will not pay any healthcare claims until this form is received. If you have the form and are unsure of how to complete it, bring it in and staff can help you accurately fill it out.