An anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-Alzheimer’s, anti-cholesterol, pro-glutathione, pro-brain, pro-heart supplement

Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors is a vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant formula which is important to take on its own, and important to take with fish oil as it provides for the proper absorption and utilization of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil.  These co-factors support the heart, normal cholesterol/homocysteine levels and the mitochondria, in addition to being an excellent anti-oxidant/anti-aging formula to try to help reduce “free radicals” in your body.  Free radicals cause “rust,” which age your cells and your body.  The co-factors also provide precursors (building blocks) of glutathione, your body’s most important antioxidant, and have been shown to slow down the aging of the brain.


The co-factor formula was designed by Dr. Dan Murphy, DC, with the Nutri-West company.  The B vitamins are of specific concentrations which have shown to slow down brain shrinkage (atrophy).1  In other words, B vitamins in these concentrations may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  Vitamins B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12 are known to reduce homocysteine levels, which may offer protection against heart disease2 and Alzheimer’s disease1.


Two cofactor tablets contain 5 mg each of Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha lipoic acid, considered low doses of these nutrients.  Dr. Andrew Weil3 recommends 90-120mg of CoQ10 with a history of heart problems, and 30-100 mg of Alpha lipoic acid.    Dr. David Perlmutter4 recommends 30-100mg of CoQ10 and 80-200mg of Alpha lipoic acid, depending on your current health.  You may want to take additional CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid, although they tend to be more expensive.  Please ask if you are interested in taking additional CoQ10 and Alpha lipoic acid.

Policosanol is a plant extract which has shown to lower LDL cholesterol levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and exert beneficial effects on many other components of metabolic syndrome.


Other supplements you could buy contain B-complex, C, magnesium, selenium, CoQ10, Alpha lipoic acid and Policosanol, but the Omega-3 Co-Factors have them all in one tablet and in specific concentrations as described, and is relatively inexpensive.  The recommendation is to take two tablets per day, preferably one in the morning and one a night unless otherwise instructed.  If you are taking higher doses of fish oil, you may consider taking more than two cofactors tablets, possibly one cofactor tablet per 1000 mg of fish oil, but only as directed.


Two cofactor tablets contain:


Amount             % RDA

Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin)                50mg              2940

Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine)              50mg               2500

Vitamin B-9 (folic acid)               800mcg             200

Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin)   400mcg            6666

Vitamin C                                   500mg                832



Magnesium (as chelate)                150mg              37
Selenium (as methionine)            1mcg                0.014


Reduced Glutathione                  50mg                –

Policosanol                                 5mg                  –

Coenzyme Q10                           5mg                  –

Alpha Lipoic Acid                         5mg                  –

If you are going to take other supplements with these ingredients, instead of the Nutri-West Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors, try to acquire the concentrations above.  The typical multivitamin is inadequate.  For more information on this and other products, visit NutriWest.com.



The high levels of B2 in the co-factors will cause your urine to be bright yellow and may have a more pungent odor.  This is normal, and a good sign that your body is absorbing and utilizing the B vitamins.  If you are taking B-complex from another company which includes B2, and your urine does not change color, change brands.


Are there any special considerations?

As always, tell your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements, and/or if you are making significant changes and improvements to your eating habits and general physical exercise.  Often medications need to be adjusted (reduced) with improvements in your eating habits, supplement intake, and exercise.  In rare instances, some supplements interfere with medication.


According to DrWeil.com:


Vitamin B6 can reduce the effectiveness of levodopa therapy, which is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. People taking penicillamine, used to treat Wilson’s disease, lead poisoning, kidney stones and arthritis, should take vitamin B6 only under a physician’s direct supervision. Estrogenic herbs and supplements, including birth control pills, may interact with vitamin B6.


Extremely high doses of B2 may result in an increased risk of kidney stones. Sensitivity to light, itching, numbness, and burning/prickling sensations may also occur at high dosages. Allergy and anaphylaxis (severe, whole-body allergic reaction) have also been reported, though rarely.


Folic acid (B9) absorption or depletion may occur in those who use alcohol excessively, who use large amounts of antacids, are prescribed antiobiotics, who take aspirin chronically and in large doses, or who take oral contraceptives. In addition, folic acid, when taken along with vitamin B12, may increase the risk of masking an underlying vitamin B12 deficiency (and pernicious anemia). Caution is advised when taking both of these vitamins together.


Vitamin B12 absorption and/or depletion may occur in those who use alcohol excessively, who take antibiotics, use stomach-acid controlling drugs, including H-2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors, or who take Metformin to treat type 2 diabetes. Nicotine can also lower serum levels of B12.


High doses of magnesium can lead to a laxative effect or diarrhea, and high levels of magnesium in the blood can lead to heart problems.  If you have heart disease or kidney problems, consult with your physician before taking magnesium supplements


If you take oral tetracycline, magnesium may reduce its effectiveness. Read label directions for more information.



1. CoQ10 is being used in research for improving the immune function of people with HIV or AIDS.

2. More research is needed, but CoQ10 seems to improve muscular dystrophy patients’ exercise capacity, heart function, and overall quality of life.

3. There are preliminary indications that CoQ10 may slow the progression of dementia in Alzheimer’s patients.


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