Dizziness and Vertigo

There are several causes of dizziness1.  Depending on the cause of your dizziness, you may respond to conservative treatments including chiropractic care and specific exercises.  Dizziness is often divided into two categories, lightheadedness and vertigo.  Lightheadedness may be caused by blood pressure issues, dehydration, and colds and other illnesses.  When I get a call from someone who is dizzy and seeking treatment, it is usually for dizziness known as Vertigo.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Conservative Treatment and Prevention Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) costs billions of dollars in treatment and lost work time each year and causes undo stress and suffering to millions.  CTS may be misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated.  True CTS is when the nerve that...

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Chronic Pain Solutions

Chiropractic adjustments improve mechanoreceptor afferentation which inhibit pain circuits.  Corrective and wellness chiropractic care improves asymmetries of posture and motion, and increases mechanoreception while living and functioning in a gravity environment.  Don’t stop chiropractic care too early, and don’t stop when you feel better.  Ongoing Wellness Chiropractic care offers you the best benefits.

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Mattresses and Pillows

What’s the best mattress for you?  The answer is…I don’t know.  But, you can find it.

Have you ever slept on a mattress you really liked at a hotel or friend’s house?  If so, what about that mattress was beneficial?  Was it firmer or softer than the mattress you have now?  Did you like your current mattress when it was new, but not as much as it aged?  This information will help you choose the ideal mattress.

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