Local Organic Food

One of my favorite local farms is Meadow Mist Farm in Lexington, MA. You have probably driven past it and never knew it was there, since it is right off Route 2A (Marrett Rd). I found Meadow Mist on LocalHarvest.org.  There you can find nationwide listings of  local...

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Break Your Soda Habit

Soda destroys your health.  Regular soda is terrible, diet soda is worse.  Juice is bad, too.  Are you addicted to soda?  Do you have several sodas a day? The average American consumes 45 gallons of sugary drinks a year1-about a gallon a week-including soda, juice,...

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Allergy Season: non-drug solutions

Sneezing, runny nose, full sinuses, itchy eyes, chest congestion, disrupted sleep, difficulty exercising. Do you have allergies?  Seasonal or year round?  Looking for non-drug answers? Countless numbers of my patients have enjoyed relief of their allergy symptoms by...

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Is it hard to exercise for 100 days?

Tomorrow, March 24, marks day 50, the halfway point of the 100 Days to a Healthier You program.  Have you been exercising every day for 20 minutes?  Are you doing the Fuller Five spine stretches every morning and night?  Are you coupling your exercise with cleaner...

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