In 2003 I found my way to Fuller Chiropractic suffering with back pain, hypothyroidism and mild obesity. I experienced almost immediate relief from the adjustments and home stretching program. The weight loss was slower not because of a lack of good sound advice but my own resistance to change. During my adjustments Dr. Fuller and I discussed my weight and eating patterns. The one consistent theme Dr. Fuller suggested was the elimination of gluten and dairy. Eventually I did a cleanse that eliminated gluten and dairy for a week, and I decided to continue with that to see what might happen.

In a 6 month period I lost 50 to 60 lbs and my thyroid levels came back down into the normal range, from a whopping 9.2 to 3.6. My energy level improvements along with the weight loss were enough to convince me to continue with my new nutrition plan.

I have learned to be flexible, because in the past I found I could not sustain a strict diet, so once a month I allow myself to indulge in a treat that usually has some gluten or dairy in it. Some months I don’t bother or may not even have an urge for a treat. There are so many wonderful choices and alternatives available and recipes that are old and familiar can be tweaked a little to be gluten and dairy free. I have not gained back any of the weight in over one and a half years and my thyroid seems to be towing the line. I am due for a follow up lab test in the next few months and will be curious to see the results.

At this point I feel so great I suspect my thyroid is functioning properly as it does play a big part in weight and metabolism as well as other important functions.

I feel eternally grateful to Dr. Fuller for his patient and consistent care. I never felt judged or pressured and the information I gleaned while on the table proved to be life altering.

Cynthia P.