When my son Michael turned seven, he was diagnosed with ADHD. His pediatrician recommended medication. I did not approve his approach and started searching for different available treatments. I noticed my son’s condition worsened when he ate processed food, anything with sugar or food colorings.

I brought Michael to Dr. Fuller’s office in October 2003. He recommended high doses of fish oil, a special exercise twice a day, chiropractic treatment twice a week, and to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Within two months, I noticed that his symptoms improved dramatically. He was able to sit at school and be focused. I also saw improvements at home.

To this day, Michael continues to see Dr. Fuller once a month. He still does his exercises every day, takes fish oil and maintains a healthy diet.

It is very important for children diagnosed with ADHD to exercise. Michael plays indoor and outdoor soccer and participates in a swim program all year round. We go on bicycle trips when the weather permits. We ski in the winter months and go camping in the summertime. Michael feels better about himself. Thank you Dr. Fuller!

Jana S.