Dear Dr. Fuller,
We wanted to thank you for your role in helping Evan become a normal, healthy 11 year old. Prior to seeing you a year ago, he was weak, chronically sick and suffered from emotional problems and learning disabilities. His pediatricians were unable to figure out why his immune system was not functioning properly, and kept prescribing more and more antibiotics, until he wound up in the hospital with a serious stomach disease. He also suffered from daily debilitating headaches, and his legs were so weak he could barely run. We were desperate to get answers that the traditional medical community could not provide.

The regular adjustments and prescribed exercise, along with a change in diet and nutritional supplements, you recommended have changed Evan’s life. He is now happy, confident and well! The balance and coordination exercises have been so successful, he can now juggle. The supplements seem to keep his immune system strong, and the adjustments have cured everything from swimmer’s ear to daily headaches. His academic performance has improved and his learning disabilities are much less pronounced.

Evan still has some hurdles to overcome as he enters middle school, but we are confident he will continue to progress. We truly thank you for your thought and caring as well as the hard work in helping to make Evan well.

Andrea and Jim C.