You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results!

After suffering for 3 years with low back pain that could not be diagnosed by traditional doctors, I decided to see a chiropractor. Luckily it was Dr. Fuller! It was his impeccable expertise that left me pain free upon my first visit and alignment. I have remained so ever since.

One cannot explain the frustration of being limited in their active life by a constant pain, that traditional doctors tell you is nothing that they can diagnose.

Upon my first visit to Dr. Fuller, he looked at me before doing x-rays and said, “You have one leg shorter than the other. You must have had foot problems too.”

Boy, was he ever right! Not only had my back been bothering me, but I had seen my foot doctor on two occasions for sores on my feet. In addition, after walking every day for exercise, thinking the more I exercise the better it will be for my pain, the more my hip joints hurt. It all made sense now!

Well, everything changed with my first visit to Dr. Fuller! I received my first alignment and x-rays were taken. The pain was finally gone. My x-rays revealed that my left leg was ¾ inch shorter than my right leg. This put strain on my spine and everything else. In addition, it was revealed that I also had a reverse curve in my neck with 2 spurs. Dr. Fuller stated that if nothing was done now this would cause real problems in the future.

Currently, I go for regular alignments, do daily exercises to reverse, slowly, back to where things are supposed to be and to keep them there. Even though some damage can not be repaired, the pain can be stopped! Dr. Fuller gave me lifts to place in my shoe to compensate for height [short leg]. In the meantime, I have had special lifts placed on my shoes by a store that specializes in this. With all of these changes in place I am now pain free and can stay that way. As an added bonus, Dr. Fuller had a wealth of information of diet & health! I discovered that the traditional American diet that I thought was what my body needed, was completely counterproductive. I used the information I received on certain foods as an experiment on myself. After thorough research, I found this information to be accurate, truthful and also not public! My visit to Dr. Fuller was a visit that changed my way of thinking about traditional methods of doing everything. And this resulted in a treatment of my body, inside and out. Today, I am back to having more energy than ever, and who would have thought it would come from my neighborhood chiropractor.

Thank you Dr. Fuller!

Sincerely, Susan Deteso

P.S. I inform as many people as I can, both medical and non medical!