I began to see Dr. Fuller a few years ago for chronic and progressive neck pain. As an active mom with two young children I was becoming increasingly frustrated and depressed as my condition deteriorated. Dr. Fuller was my last hope before I considered surgical options to relieve the “arthritic” pain. I believe the support and hope that Dr. Fuller consistently gives his patients is a huge part of why they improve so dramatically. I have left his office after every visit believing I could and would feel better, even on the days when I had to drag myself there. When I began treatment my daily pain ranged from a 4 to a 6 on a 1 to 10 pain scale. I was not able to sleep well, focus or relax and was gaining weight. It feels amazing to say that I now have many days (and nights!) when I am at a 0. I often wake in the morning feeling refreshed after a full nights rest without turning and tossing to try and find a comfortable position. I honestly never thought that would happen for me again.

You truly changed my life by giving me the freedom to live in my body without constant pain! Thank you for all you do.

Heather M.