I met Dr. Fuller in September of 2006 when I was 45 years old. I had developed pain in my chest during the summer that led me to my primary care doctor, fearing it could be my heart. After an exam, chest x-ray, and EKG, I was told that it was likely costochondritis, or inflammation in my chest muscles. It was recommended that I take Advil and use steam heat. Well, I didn’t get better at all. The steam did nothing for my pain and the Advil only aggravated my acid reflux. I got talking with a close friend who suggested I try her chiropractor. I wasn’t sure but, he came SO highly recommended, that I decided to give him a shot.

From the moment I met Dr. Fuller, I felt at ease. He was just so genuine and down to earth, that I immediately knew I’d done the right thing by going there. After the initial exam and consult, Dr. Fuller knew that my chest muscles were bothering me because of leaning forward too much in my daily life. He told me he could definitely help me. I felt so relieved. His manner of speaking with you and really listening went a long way to making me believe he would cure me. I felt much relief from my pain after just a handful of visits and in just a couple of months the chest pain was gone completely. In that time, I came to like and completely trust Dr. Fuller more and more.

I am overweight and have had a bad lower back for years. Dr. Fuller has helped me greatly with my back issues. Instead of holding back so that you need to visit many, many, times, Dr. Fuller is happy to share his particular stretches with you, and nutritional advice, etc. This way, you can do these things at home and there’s no need to go in all the time. I began bringing my two children to him also. He helped them greatly and my daughter continues to go in for treatment.

Another issue that came out of the blue was over a year and a half ago. I developed a kind of woozy/dizzy feeling. It was awful. When I’d move around or look down, things felt off. I wasn’t sure if maybe I was dehydrated, or if it could be my ears, or even worse. I went to Dr. Fuller and he told me that he was sure it was coming from my neck. He also encouraged me to have my ENT doctor take a look too. I did. My Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor didn’t know what it could be. Of course, Dr. Fuller worked on my neck a few times and I was fine. My daughter has neck issues too, and Dr. Fuller has helped her so much over the years.

The bottom line is that I trust, admire, and respect Dr. Fuller. I also feel the same about Heather. She is always pleasant and genuine and it’s a pleasure to chat with her. She’s also very knowledgeable and together they make a great team. A person can walk in there for the first time and feel at ease. Dr. Fuller is one of those rare doctors that actually feels more like a dear friend. There is none of that sense that he is better than you and you’re just another patient. He is completely accessible, whether by telephone, or email. I have also gone months without making an appointment because life gets so busy. When I DO go back, he never makes you feel bad for staying away so long. The ease of making an appointment is unbelievable. He cares deeply about his patients and you just know he listens and absorbs whatever you tell him. He takes an active, caring interest in you as a person and will do whatever he can to help you to live a better, healthier life. The day I first walked into that office, was a huge turning point for me and my children. Dr. Fuller is an amazing doctor, an amazing individual, and an all around caring person. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Kerry C.