The improvements I’ve made so far are wonderful and I’m so thankful.
32 yo Female

You are the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! Really!
81 yo Female

The roll in my lower back has changed my life; so many years in pain and something so simple made a great change.
79 yo Male

Excellent care and counsel regarding various ways to keep improving from Dr. Fuller. His bedside manner and practical solutions to improving my health are outstanding! Thank you Dr. Fuller.
65 yo Female

Dear Dr Fuller,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping my back heal. Thank you for taking the time to educate me on keeping my back and overall health. I feel in better control and can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without your help. So, thank you, Thank you!
45 yo Female

You are the best thing on the Earth! I’m feeling 100% better and I’m so glad I went.
69 yo Female

So appreciative for your never ending loyalty to your craft and patients.
70 yo Female

Dear Dr. Fuller,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your Wellness care, unconventional wisdom and knowledge as a doctor and chiropractor. Without your knowledge, our [son] would most likely ended up on Ritalin or other “wonder drugs” that are sometimes unnecessarily prescribed to young people early in their lives.
Thank you so much.
55 yo Male

My knee is MUCH better! Thank you SO much! You’re a genius. 🙂
55 yo Female

Thank you for all your undivided attention and caring Doctor tips. Thanks for being there for my son. God bless you always! You’re the best.
42 yo Female

All has been great with “Dr. Reminder.”
47 yo Female

As always, the care at this office is amazing. They always make the time for you and Dr. Fuller is wonderful at what he does.
55 yo Female

Great advice to keep myself healthy. Big improvements.
38 yo Male
Dr. Fuller’s note: 90% reduction in neck pain and hip pain in 4 weeks of care.

Have seen incredible improvement. Could hardly walk after commute; now moving so much better with minimal pain.
33 yo Female

Care has been excellent. Recommend to everyone. Best decision I ever made.
37 yo F with chronic middle back pain and hip pain

The care is incredible. Came in not being able to stand upright.
47 yo F with crippling low back pain

Care is 100% plus here. I am confident continued care will improve my condition even more so. I am definitely feeling more positive and happy since coming in. Also I feel improvement and look forward to more. Care is exceptional and I have learned a lot.
50 yo F with severe low back pain and Sciatica

Amazing care, thank you!
47 yo M with neck, middle, lower back pain

Very happy with treatment.
30 yo F with neck pain, back pain, headaches

I have been extremely pleased with my care and with the improvements I’ve made. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to improve as treatment proceeds.
59 yo F with severe neck pain

Amazing 10/10, perfect.   Place is awesome!
23 yo M with mid back pain for 10 years

First rate care from all staff members.
66 yo F with neck pain and reduced motion

Dr. Fuller is a knowledgeable and sensitive man with good understanding of physical issues.
77 yo F with neck pain, headaches, low back pain

Very helpful and friendly staff and Dr. Fuller.
45 yo F with neck pain and low back pain after car accident

Love the office and care I am getting.  Also the support, information and encouragement is a plus.
50yo F with severe low back pain and sciatica

Very glad I came here, very helpful.
80yo F with leg cramps at night for 10 years, chronic low back pain 25 years

So grateful to have increased knowledge and new tools to keep myself healthy. Thank you!
40yo M with right shoulder pain after snowboard fall

Dr. Fuller’s chiropractic care has alleviated my original right hip pain years ago. His care has alleviated my plantar fasciitis. His chiropractic care has significantly improved my lower back pain as well and has reduced my current right pain significantly.
58yo F with low back pain, plantar fasciitis, hip pain

Dr. Fuller is amazing and has been a huge asset to my recovery.
39 yo Female with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and low back pain

Seeing Dr. Fuller has been a game changer. The future is much brighter and I know I will be in a much less painful state by the end of the year. Neck pain has decreased and have more mobility. Lower back pain has decreased and shooting pain down the legs has decreased a great deal.
52 yo Male with neck surgeries with fusion, 2 elbow surgeries, shoulder replacement, ongoing neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain, diabetic

Dr. Fuller is committed and informative, creating an environment that helps physically as well as emotionally. Great support staff.
57 yo Female with chronic neck and back pain

Friendly staff-Careful attention by Dr. Fuller.
36 yo Female with foot pain, shoulder pain and back pain

I’m feeling a lot better, I still have some pain but every week it hurts a little less! The adjustments really help and I like the stretches I learned for home.
23 yo Female with chronic neck and upper back pain after car accident

Best care of my entire life.
33 yo Male with chronic low back pain; pain free in 3 weeks

Chiropractic care has helped me heal and improve greatly!
33 yo Female with neck and upper back pain for 6 months from whiplash

Dr. Fuller is a magician.
75 yo Female with neck and shoulder pain

Very welcoming atmosphere that promotes improvement and encouragement.  Pain in my neck and shoulder have drastically decreased. From a mental aspect I am back to normal because of the care.
32 yo Male with neck and shoulder pain

I’m grateful for the care that brought me back to normal so quickly!
48 yo Female with severe low back pain following long plan flight

Visits have definitely helped. This is the best I have felt in 20+ years.
(NOTE: only 4 weeks of chiropractic care)
48 yo Female with lower back pain for 20+ years

Dr. Fuller does a great job and loves to educate while he is reducing pain through treatments.
67 yo Male with neck, shoulder, lower back and knee pain

I highly recommend Dr. Fuller to anyone with back pain. He has improved my back condition tremendously.
55 yo Male triathlete with persistent low back pain

You are the best thing on Earth. I’m feeling 100% better, I’m so glad I went!
63 yo female with low back and leg pain

Great care at the office. Very thorough and informative.
27 yo male with pins/needles in hands, neck pain, shoulder pain; 60% better in 4 weeks

Care at this office is excellent.
70 yo male Truck Driver with low back pain, hip pain; 80% better in 2 months

Dr. Fuller has guided me well and tweaked exercise procedures for me.
74 yo male with low back pain and leg pain; 40% better in 1 month

Doing a good job on my care.
86 yo male with chronic neck and back pain; 80% better in 9 months

Much improved-so grateful.
73 yo female with bad flareup of low back pain, 90% resolved in 1 month

Excellent care! Much less pain all around.
53 yo female with chronic lower back, leg, and foot pain; 60% better in 1 month

Awesome office staff.
56 yo female nurse with chronic lower back and leg pain; 40% better in 1 month after chiropractic care and injection

I feel well educated on the conditions and how to help treat them.
26 yo female dental hygenist with neck, wrist, knee pain; 70% better in 1 month

Dr. Fuller has helped me so much-happier with less pain.
59 yo female with chronic neck and shoulder pain; 90% better in 6 months

I am very appreciative of all the relief of symptoms that I have received from Dr. Fuller.
60 yo female with chronic low back and hip pain; lower back 100% better in 3 months

Awesome experience working with doctor. Better attitude.
62 yo male with mid back pain and spasms, 70% better in 2 months

Dr. Fuller, as always, shows amazing compassion and has always made me better.
58 yo female with flareup of neck, back, hip, and achilles pain, 90% better in 1.5 months

Fantastic results-treatments very successful-extremely pleased with care received.
80 yo female with low back pain, left hip pain, 90% better in 2 months

It has been such a wonderful experience. I never thought I would feel so much improvement in a short amount of time.
69 yo female with lower back spasms for 3 months, 80% improved in 1 month

I am very grateful for Dr. Fuller’s help!
28 yo male with chronic neck and upper back pain, 70% improved in 1 month

I really loved coming here and I feel it helped me.
68 yo female with middle back pain after falling off chair, 80% better in 1 month

I’d really like to continue! I still feel noticeable improvement after each appointment.
45 yo female with neck and lower back pain, 70% better in 2 months

Wonderful care!
78 yo female with chronic low back and hip pain, 80% better in 2 months