When my son Brian was around 9 years old he started having frequent migraine headaches. Some headaches lasted up to a week. His headaches were so frequent and severe, he missed 23 days of school in the 5th grade. He had a CT scan and neurology workups, which didn’t reveal anything. He was put on migraine medication, but the headaches continued even when he took the medication. He is an active child, and an avid hockey player, but the headaches were affecting his sports and school.

We decided to take Brian to see Dr. Scott Fuller for chiropractic care. His evaluation revealed misalignments in his neck, and a big muscle knot at the top of the neck near the skull. After several weeks of chiropractic adjustments, his migraines were gone, he does not need the drugs, and he does not miss school any longer for headaches. He has been headache free for 2 years now. I still bring Brian in for wellness chiropractic care once a month.

Joyce Shaughnessy