I would like to thank Dr. Scott Fuller (and his wonderful front desk staff) for their help. Dr. Fuller was a “miracle worker” on my infant son. I was at my wits end, sleep deprived (as my son had a dairy allergy and also colic). We were referred by another chiropractor to see Dr. Fuller (note: I am SO thankful for that referral)! My son was 5.5mo and after about 6 appointments he was like a new baby! The gut wrenching screams and spit up that was happening on the “reg” decreased and then stopped. It.was.a.miracle!!! Dr. Fuller was so gentle with my son and my son would just smile and gaze while he was getting adjusted.

I wish I knew sooner how helpful chiropractic care was going to be for my child. It completely makes sense neurologically, I just never thought of it in that way. I am forever grateful for Dr. Fuller’s time and attention to my lil (now big) guy. I also constantly refer Dr. Fuller to my mom friends that are suffering from sleep deprivation and “tough” babies. Thank you!!!

Kate M.

Dr. Fuller’s comment:

6 gentle chiropractic adjustments helped this child. All I used was a light force chiropractic instrument, and he loved it. As with other chiropractic adjustments, the instrument stimulates powerful, special nerve endings in and around the spine called mechanoreceptors. Mechanoreceptors increase nerve traffic to the spinal cord and brain, with better brain and cord output to appropriately regulate digestion and blood flow (via sympathetic, parasympathetic controls). His body healed itself, all chiropractic did was activate nerve endings.