Hi Dr. Fuller,

I have to admit, the impact of giving up dairy has been pretty amazing. While it can be tricky at times, like eating out or cookouts, it is well worth it. For example, over the weekend I was able to mow my lawn for the first time that I can remember without being in complete misery during and after. I can sleep with my windows open and not regret it. I have been able to reduce the medicines I take significantly, I have not taken one Zyrtec all season, I have dramatically reduced my usage of fluticasone nasal spray to maybe once a week to help with the itchy eyes, I haven’t used my rescue inhaler since I started no dairy and I’ve been weaning myself off of my daily inhaled QVAR. For reference, I was taking one Zyrtec and some days a Benadryl or two, two puffs of nasal spray, two puffs of QVAR and using the rescue a couple times a week during allergy season in years past. I do miss pizza and this recent batch of pollen all over everything does make my eyes itch a little bit, these are minor things and I expect the itchy eyes to pass in time. Itchy eyes is way better than constant nose blowing, itching and wheezing.

It’s only been about two months since I started the no dairy diet, I’ve slipped up a few times but I have noticed significant progress as mentioned above. I really appreciate you introducing me to this cure for my allergies. I’ve mentioned to friends that are fellow allergy sufferers that I gave up dairy and the wonders it has worked for me, I’m constantly greeted with skepticism which doesn’t bother me but I feel bad my friends aren’t willing to try this. Please feel free to share my results in the hope they will inspire someone else to give this a shot.

Thank you,