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Stress Management

Chronic Stress is devastating. Chronic stress adversely affects the function of your immune, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and worsens central obesity and insulin resistance. It increases risks of heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, Alzheimer’s dementia, and your chances of catching a cold/flu.

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Neck Pain Solutions

Jean came to see me in 1997.  She had residual neck pain from a car accident 10 years earlier.  Her right-sided neck pain radiated into the right shoulder blade area and into her right arm, and over time into her lower back.  Her neck was also stiff, with a reduced range of motion, and she noticed her posture was slumping over and getting worse. 

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Lower Back Pain and Disc Problems

One of the most common health problems people suffer with is low back pain, with or without related leg pain. If the source of pain can be clearly identified, appropriate effective treatment can be administered. I make it a priority to identify what is causing your pain …

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