Back Pain

Lower Back Pain and Disc Problems

One of the most common health problems people suffer with is low back pain, with or without related leg pain. If the source of pain can be clearly identified, appropriate effective treatment can be administered. I make it a priority to identify what is causing your pain …

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Cars, Teeth, and Spines

CARS A beautiful classic car pulled up outside my office recently, and it was obvious the car was well cared for with passion.  The owner came out and I quickly assessed the same careful maintenance was not applied to his health.  He was very overweight and struggling...

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20 Years of Chiropractic Healthcare

Fuller Chiropractic opened in Woburn, MA, in April 1993, 20 years ago. During that time we have helped thousands of babies, children, and adults find relief of and conservative answers to various health problems, and many continue with years of wellness chiropractic...

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